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TYAGI PUBLIC SCHOOL, since its commencement and establishment has consistently set as high as possible benchmarks of significant worth-based comprehensive training for its understudies. The school has been a trailblazer in bestowing information and abilities that have contributed towards the development and vision in building worldwide residents and honest humankind. I'm pleased to be a piece of this Education framework and I am confident that I will convey forward the TYAGI PUBLIC SCHOOL inheritance in the years to accompany development, with regards to its imaginative ways. My previous encounters working at the different TYAGI PUBLIC SCHOOL the nation over and abroad have been a steady wellspring of motivation for myself and will keep on assisting all in cooperative learning with handling. The capital city of New Delhi has an immense and amazing history and is a mixture of heap societies. The city has an ideal mix of current ways of life alongside old conventional qualities where we experience multi-social and multi-strict individuals.

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  • CBSE School in Keshav Puram
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