With the cooperation and sponsorship of gatekeepers, educators, support staff, and lead delegates we plan to support our adolescents as tranquil, bright, focussed individuals who respect their world and are locked in to make and support their inherent innovativeness. Our Values Education program incorporates the endless assessment of 22 positive characteristics generally through a two-year cycle maintained by the improvement of shrewd practice. We center around extraordinary strong social associations and especially made certainty achieving respect for others and the environment, inside a mindful school neighborhood. Values Education lies at the center of our Behavior Policy. It gives a solid foundation enabling our understudies to make informed choices by reflecting, thinking, and understanding. It also gives us an average language, which we all in all get, helping us with overseeing conduct and extraordinary topics in a positive and consistent way. Our consistently festivity gathering has an accentuation on the value of the month and a young person from each class is granted an endorsement when they have displayed the value

  • ASSEMBLY VALUE EDUCATION in keshav puram
  • Best ASSEMBLY VALUE EDUCATION in keshav puram
  • ASSEMBLY VALUE EDUCATION school in keshav puram

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