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The Indian education system is separated into a few boards, the most well-known of which are the CBSE board and the State board. Every state in the country has its own State Board, whose curriculum is set by state officials and focuses on state history, language, and culture. It is hard to compare the outcomes of two state boards due to fundamental level disparities. This is a significant barrier to admission to national-level universities. The Central Board of Secondary Education is abbreviated as CBSE. It is the country's national board. Furthermore, this board's teaching technique and instructional materials are beneficial to the country's national interests. This board administers the important national competitive exams for professional courses such as NEET and JEE at the pre-university level. As a result, the best CBSE school in Delhi is in high demand. Many people believe that the CBSE curriculum is more difficult than state boards, but that it is also more student-friendly and engaging. The board is especially beneficial for students seeking admission to national-level colleges rather than state-level institutions. Every book published by the CBSE includes fun-filled activities within the chapters that help children learn through play. This aids in stress-free instruction. It also provides a healthy environment in which pupils can flourish. For appraisal and assessment, the CBSE offers a good grading system. Students in grades 6 through 10 will be graded on their participation in both extra-curricular and curricular activities. As a result, there will be no pressure on pupils to achieve exclusively good exam results. In this article, you will get to know the list of some CBSE schools in Delhi.

  • Top CBSE School in Keshav Puram
  • Best CBSE School in Keshav Puram
  • CBSE School in Keshav Puram

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