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Motivating factor – The Faculty…
A motivated, competent, qualified faculty monitors the progress of every child. The faculty is comfortable with using modern technologies such as computers L.C.D. or overhead projectors for classroom teaching. Regular in-service programs, seminars, workshops are arranged to keep the faculty abreast of the latest development in the field to make learning more attractive and effective. The administrative staff of Tyagi Public School consists of a group of efficient and concerned individuals. Tyagi Public School has a large no. of support staff for nursery, primary and senior wings separately, assisting staff, students, parents, or visitors.
The school has an air-conditioned auditorium with state of the art facilities equipped with a multimedia projector, excellent sound, and light system.
Annual Day
Annual day is being celebrated in our school on regular basis. Awards are given to students for their achievements throughout the year in academic, cultural, and sports activities.
Conference Room
An air-conditioned conference room to have guest lectures, seminars, meetings, presentations, and conferences.